Mountain Biking by the Lake

Bespoke Cycling


We started Sporta Bike+ driven by the desire to share our love of travel and living adventurously. 



Whether it be week exploring the Pyrenean cols, whilst staying in beautiful self catered chalet or a point to point adventure on the Avenue Verte from London to Paris - we would love to talk with you. Our bespoke cycling adventures are put together in consultation with our travelling groups. Whilst our partner resorts in the Pyrenees, Alps, UK, UAE and southern Spain may appeal to many. We are always prepared to broaden our horizons and investigate new destinations and exciting adventures with you.

For 2022 we have organised a London to Paris 4 day adventure for 60 cyclists and London to Flanders ride's for two groups. These trips start at £545 per person for London to Flanders and £650 per person for London to Paris.

Image by David Marcu

Download the Sporta Bike+ UK Brochure to find out more about all of our domestic trips.