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Majorca with Bike +

Majorca is a cycling Mecca - that is not new news and many readers will have know the island far better than us. It is hard to overstate how popular Majorca is for cycling holidays and camps - riders from all over the world converge on this small lump of rock in the Med to test themselves on some sinuous climbs and clog up their social media feeds with 'cycling spam' from Sa Calobra and Cap de Formentor.

The popularity of Majorca, poses us a number of challenges. Of all the locations we visit and trips we offer, Majorca is the location we find hardest to present. Why? So many go there, so many tour companies offer great trips there and there are DIY options galore.

So, rather than try and replicate anyone else or try and reinvent the wheel, we are going for something super simple - excellent hotel, fantastic location (not too touristy), great cycling, non cyclist options galore and local partners who share our values of 'fun and people first'.

So to try and frame our Majorca offering, we have created a simple outline of what you might expect!

The final climb up to the lighthouse. We recommend heading out early before the cars and coaches blight the early climb out of Port de Pollenca.

Where will we base ourselves?

We will favour Port de Pollenca as our base for all our cycling holidays and training camps in Majorca. We love the laid back atmosphere in this beautiful town. Whilst Alcudia and other such resorts have their appeal, we prefer something a little more authentic and where you can really enjoy your time off the bike away from the hordes of tourists on larger resorts.

We have also got a couple of favoured bases near Palma if cyclists would prefer to be based on the West of the island and then explore this beautiful city and check out the numerous super yachts, when not cycling.

What hotel will we stay in?

Our preferred hotel is the Cabot Pollensa Park Hotel. We have really enjoyed working with the hotel management and staff thus far. At the time of writing we are in Palma airport returning from an inspection trip and the facilities at the hotel are brilliant for cyclists and the rooms of a very good standard (don't tell too many people, but our rates are also very good!)

We also have a very good relationship with the Hotel Villaconcha, which may be more suited to multi sport athletes with the high spec pool and gym as well as great cycling facilities.

Cycling extras

Whilst we try and cover all bases, we do not do this alone. In 'Majorca Cycling Holidays' we have a great partner on the island - whether it as ride guide, top of the range bike rental, mechanic service and/or local expert, we are local forward to working with Adam and his team as both companies grow.

Off the bike

We have opted for these preferred lodgings because they will serve the needs of cyclists and non cyclists - whether you are travelling with partners, children or friends - we are comfortable that Port de Pollenca is a place everyone can enjoy.

Flights and Transfers

We include these as part of all our packages and have local partners who can help with large groups up to 50 people through to individuals. And all our travel partners understand that our guests are quite likely to have bikes.

The BIG why?

Why choose these partners, this destination and these hotels - of course there are commercial reasons, but we haven't opted for traditional/tried and tested options that would arguably be more profitable. Instead we have gone for companies with whom we share a common goal - we want people to smile when on and off the bike - and for everyone to feel included. Fast or slow, young or maturing, cyclist or 'cycling widow' - our trips can be and are for everyone connected to our sport(s).

If you would like any more information please contact

Coll de Femenia - the first climb on the Majorca 312, and a favoured decent on a number of the loops we like!


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