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Route planning

Route planning is one of the most fun and interesting part of our work. When we are planning a trip we are very conscious that the routes can make and break a cycling trip - too easy and guests go home unfulfilled, too hard and the trip is no longer inclusive and involves too much suffering.

In this blog we have outlined how we go about planning our routes for our bespoke and club trips. What we take into consideration and how we form our ride plans.

This is one of our favourite rides on the Costa Blanca from our Oliva Nova base. Lots of downhills to finish the ride ;)

It is your trip not ours.

We say this a lot and it is a small phrase we live by. Whilst we may plan and curate the routes for the trip, they are always signed off by the group before the trip and we are able to change them as late as the day of the ride. Therefore, flexibility is important and having a good local knowledge enables us to make changes depending on the demands of the group.

Prior to a trip, we train and gain as much information as we can about the group - trip aims, riding preferences and how much time they want to spend in the saddle, All this helps us paint a picture of how a trip may come together.

Does the region have any defining features for cycling?

Many areas have a defining climb(s) or route. Whether it is Mont Ventoux, Sa Calobra or the Oude Kwaremont we acknowledge the importance of these famous names, whilst also ensuring cyclists experience some of the lesser known gems. For example, when visiting Provence, the main dish is often Mont Ventoux, but we make sure riders take in the Gorges de Laesque and some of the beautiful local villages.

Hidden gems can also relate to cafe and lunch stops. Whilst cycling themed cafe's in the Costa Blanca are awesome, some of the smaller family owned restaurants in the mountain villages are wonderful (and cheap). It is a privilege to experience local cultures and mix with local people - and it is an important part feature of sustainable tourism.

The history and culture of the region

As we just alluded to, we consider it a lucky privilege that we get to visit such wonderful places and meet lots of good people. Therefore, allowing our groups to experience the local culture is a key feature of our route planning. In some regions, this is much easier - for example riding in Flanders in steeped in cycling culture and rich in history.

We like nothing more than being able to tell a story that makes a route more than simply a bike ride. Therefore, highlighting points of historical significance and educating guests about the history of the area - we get some nice feedback on this aspect, though sometimes we get told to bore off ;)

Time constraints

One of the biggest selling points for. cycling 'be back by time'. Whatever your aims and goals, you should have time to really get the most out of your trip. We also promote a 'eyes up' approach to our trips where we encourage guests to enjoy riding where they are.

On training camps we will have specific efforts on specific sections, but still the focus is to enjoy spending a good amount of time in the saddle on sun kissed roads in beautiful places. For more traditional cycling holidays - we are never shy of a coffee stop and encourage riders to stop for pictures at beautiful places whenever they choose. Remember - it is your trip not ours!!


It can be difficult to find a balance route in some locations, so we tend to foxus on balancing the routes and the nature of a challenge over a whole trip. If we get it right guests will head home with tired legs, but a happy head and heart, No day should be so hard that it compromises the enjoyment of the next and for us to keep this balance we seek regular feedback from the group.

Did we mention we are big fans of a coffee stop ;)

If you would like some guidance on routes in the destinations we travel then please get in touch. Furthermore, we are happy to share all or any of our route plans for groups and you can use and abuse as you wish.


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