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One of the joys of travelling by bike or travelling to cycle, is that you can ride on the roads made famous by legends of the sport. From Mont Ventoux to Oude Kwaremont, it always feels a great privilege to ride these cycling theatres and we love sharing that feeling with others.

Cycling is also a fantastic way to explore and experience new places, the geography of land and the people who inhabit it. Meeting local people is always a highlight of our travels and give us a great excuse for another cafe stop.

When asked where we travel, the answer is anywhere. Without wishing to over promise nor be hubristic, we are fortunate to be part of the Sporta Group who facilitate travel across the world. Furthermore, we are always up for an adventure and are happy to work with potential clients to build their bucket list trip.

Rather than exhaustively list where we travel, below we have outlined some of our favourite and most popular destinations.For more information and example itineraries and prices please get in touch as we much prefer building relationships than bland transactions!



France and Cycling - a combination that has many a book, blog and website written about it.


To be succinct, we love riding our bicycles in France - from the bergs and tough riding of the Northern region to the Meditteranean coast and everything in between. Below is list of a few places where we travel, though in truth we are very firtunate to have the ability to run trips throughout this wonderful country. 

  • Northern France 

We run several London to Paris trips each year and work with a number of UCI teams who travel regularly within the area.

  • Provence

What a place to ride a bike. A preferred destination is in the shadow of Mont Ventoux, in the stunning town of Sault. We favour this destination as it has rides for everyone - the Bedoin ascent is well within reach and the Sault ascent starts at the foot of the town. Furthermore, the breathtaking Gorges de La Nesque is just a 15 min spin away. Whether you want to take on all three ascents in a day, or enjoy the rolling terrain of the Ventoux foothills, this is a wonderful place to ride your bike and relax amongst the lavender fields with a glass of local wine.

  • The Alps

Our love for this mountain range is real. The idea of founding our own tour operator was born on the shores of Lake Annecy and this is an area we spend much of the summer when not working. Whether you want the variety of adventure provided in places like Annecy or Morzine, or prefer to head for the high mountains around Bourg Saint Maurice or even tackle the hairpins of Alpe d'Huez - we would love to help!! 

From 2023 we hope to make the Route de Grande Alpes a Bike + signature trip - tackling all the iconic passes within 7 days of riding from Thonon les Bains to Nice

Spain (mainland)

Spain is a wonderfully diverse country, where the great weather and varied terrain are the perfect combination for all types of adventure bike.

We think that Spain has great options for cyclists and Triathletes all along its Mediterranean coast. Below we have listed a few destinations where we favour and why.


Denia is a favourite of training destination of the worlds best. It has great options for all riders with a flat coastal strip up to Valencia and the mountains and valleys further inland including the Jalon valley where you are very likely to see a number of professionals training in and around Parcent and Xalo. We have a wonderful partner hotel in the Oliva Nova Beach resort who have everything a cycling group could wish for. We have also a number of self catering options in the town which are perfect for groups on a budget who still want a great standard of accommodation. With flights avaialble into both Alicante and Valencia this region is a must for all cyclists.


Murcia is a beautiful region and whilst it may not boast the tradition of the Costa Blanca, we think it is an absolute gem for cyclists and triathletes. The weather in this region is generally warmer throughout the year and the small coastal town of Aguilas makes for a brilliant base from which to explore the beautiful hills and coastline of the region. Murcia is also served by a number of airports meaning flight times and prices are often very favourable. 

For Triathletes this region is host to a number of events throughout the year and there are a number of open water options as well as an excellent local pool adjacent to the athletics track in Aguilas. Furthermore, the coastal path and abundance of trails to the north of Aguilas make it a brilliant place for Triathletes to hone their fitness.


Few cities encapsulate modern cycling culture better than Girona. It oozes 'cycling cool' with its coffee culture and abundance of top cycling outlets, as well as being the home to many world tour professionals from the male and female peloton. Girona, is a cycling mecca for good reason as the surrounding hills and mountains are a cyclists playground - both on road and gravel bikes. For those who prefer a beach walk or sea swim post ride we also have fabulous partners in the coastal resorts of Lloret and Tossa de Mar - from here you can strike out north towards Girona or head south west along the coast towards Barcelona.



'A scaletrix track for cyclists'

There is very little that we can write here that has not been written already about this cycling gem in the azure waters of the Mediterranean.

It is our most enquired about destination for club cycling trips and it is easy to understand why, the hotels are great, flight times favourable and the varied terrain means there is something for all riders and non cyclists. We have accommodation options in all parts of the island, with Puerto Pollensa being the most favoured.


As well as cyclists, the island is a wonderful location for Triathletes to train. For triathletes we recommend the Villaconcha Sport hotel in Puerto Pollensa, or the Best centre on the south of the island - both have superb facilities to support multi sport athletes.

For those who are up for a significant challenge, we have committed to 20 places in the Majorca 312 from 2023. We have limited our group to 20 so that we are able to provide the level of service and experience that we pride ourselves on.