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Group Travel

Group holidays and training escapes are our speciality. We are able to take care of every aspect from flights, accommodation, bike related activity and off bike fun. This is the very essence of #Plane2pedal

We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer club, team, group, corporate and charity travel opportunities to Europe and beyond.

For group travel options we recommend dropping us an email or completing the form below with an outline of your requirements and we can come up with a plethora of options that we think best fit your group.  We are able to cater for clubs from professional through to social and whilst the bike is at our heart we love all multi sport athletes and any sport that represents adventure.

Whatever the nature of your group, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a no obligations chat and quote. Alternatively please sign up to our mailing list to receive regular offers and updates.

School Group Travel

We can deliver cycling specific trips or multi sport tours for students age 12 to 18. With a background in school sport and education we understand both the value added to students and challenges for staff that such trips can bring, so are here to help every step of the way.


Sporta Bike+ guide to group travel

In this guide we seek to offer a simple step by step guide to how we arrange travel for groups and how we collaborate with our future guests to make the process as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Step 1 - Idea formation to quote

How many days, type of accommodation, transport options and a rough idea of numbers are a great place to start.

Once we have these parameters we can then give what we consider to be the best location options. Alternatively, let us know the above and where you want to go and we can provide a price based upon a minimum number of travellers.

At this junction many clubs then choose to go to their membership and numbers are firmed up.

Step 2 - Booking confirmation

The most common path for our groups is that the group leader provides us with the list of interested members and corresponding email addresses. We then reach out to each person and outline the trip, booking confirmation and payment procedure.

All we ask is that the group leader is the point of correspondence for official trip Booking confirmation and a group invoice - we can then process payments as they come in and chase when necessary.

Step 3 - Pre trip planning

Once we have deposits in we can then begin sharing route ideas and formulating a plan for your trip.

For many groups this means we provide two route options for each day - We try and make the 2nd loop an extension of the first which means that riders do not have to decide what route to take on until the route splits. It is also means we can support more riders on the road in a more efficient and timely fashion.

Before your trip we aim to have an in person group meeting where the group can ask any questions and we can flesh out the trip itinerary and hopefully build the groups collective excitement.

Step 4 - Your trip

We provide a plane 2 pedal service, so about 2 weeks before departure we will send through the information for the groups to access their boarding passes and details of the arrangements for the transfer and meeting point when on the ground in destination.

Your host then meets you at the hotel to facilitate check in and then help get bikes ready - whether they are rentals or making your own back up.

Regarding rental bikes we ensure your bikes are at the hotel prior to you arrival and we find most groups roll out on day 1 about 90 minutes after their arrival at the hotel.

Step 5 - Feedback and book again

Post trip we seek feedback from the group about all elements of the trip and all being well - make plans for the next one!

If you have any further questions on this process then please get in touch with Sam via

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+44 (0)7834241196 (whatsapp or call)

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