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Where we travel
and when to go


We can travel anywhere and are always happy to explore new places. However, we do have our favourites and those we visit more regularly and you can find out more through the links below

We like to think that our ability to package all elements of travel and fully customise trips is what makes us stand out and why we hope that cyclists may choose to trust us with their trips. Our aim is to make the planning, administration and delivery as stress free as possible for our guests so they can just have a great time on the bike and when relaxing off it.

We are all aware that cycling is a great way to explore and experience new places, the geography of the land and the people who inhabit it. Meeting local people is always a highlight of our travels and give us a great excuse for another cafe stop. So, unlike many cycling tour operators we have no fixed abode nor single destination we favour. Without wishing to over promise nor be hubristic, we are fortunate to be part of the Sporta Group who facilitate travel across the world. Furthermore, we are always up for an adventure and are happy to work with potential clients to build their bucket list trip.

Rather than exhaustively list where we travel, on this website we have outlined some of our most visited destinations. On top of these single destination trips we are running an increasing number of 'point to point' adventures and multi destination holidays.

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