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Cycling Holidays, Training Escapes and More

'From Plane to Pedal'

Sporta Bike+ are group travel specialists with a love of Cycling and Triathlon. Got a group of 6 or more looking to travel, then get in touch and let's get planning! We also deliver our own trips for individual riders to sign up to and experience the joy of cycling on stunning roads under sunny skies.


Sporta Bike+ offers a unique 'Plane to Pedal' service. Forget about the hassle of planning flights, transport, rentals and hotels; we've got that sorted. You just concentrate on dreaming about your perfect outdoor adventure!


Sporta Bike+ was born from a love of being active. We love working with like minded people and transporting them to destinations across Europe and beyond. 

Our job is to your facilitate your fun!

We travel throughout Europe and the Middle East and combine our specialism in club, group and professional sport travel with our own fixed date trips and event weekends.

Everything we do is bespoke, so get in touch to find out more!

I joined Bike+ for the recent Flandrien Challenge trip, brilliantly organised and a fantastic experience from initial booking all the way through to the holiday itself. Sam is incredibly helpful and only too happy to help with any questions you have. All in all highly recommended, I wouldn't hesitate to travel with Bike+ again.

April 2022


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