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Much improved Mallorca

Since our last bog post there has been a lot going on! We have had fabulous trips to the Costa Blanca, Murcia and Mallorca. And it is the latter which is the focus of this blog post.

Last year was our first participation in the much fabled Mallorca 312 event. We had a great time on the island and found the event to be a wonderful celebration of cycling, however we also noted that the event was a little chaotic and some work needed to be done on food stops, rider safety and some more general organisation.

To be clear, any event which includes 8,500 participants, of varying levels of fitness and skill, is going to be a special kind of chaos. However, this year we felt that the event ran much better - particularly water and food stops and the pre event process. Furthermore, whilst the allocation of start pens was as clear as mud, the staggered start did mitigate some of the challenges of the start and lots of nervous energy from cyclists.

The most important part of this event for us, is the feedback of our guests. And to a person, it was very positive. The event is challenging, and the wind exacerbated the difficulty. However, all our guests had a great experience and really enjoyed their day out - regardless of speed or distance travelled. We can ask for little more!

For our part, we may look to relocate more of our guests to Alcudia and accommodation nearer the start line to avoid another 26km and a 30 minute earlier wake up call that we have when staying in Port de Pollenca. Furthermore, we will look at having our own pre event base to welcome guests and host a post event drink or two.

Next year we are planning to take 30 places, but 17 of these are already taken, so please do get in touch!

The event really is a lot of fun and each distance represents a significant challenge - we remain inspired by those who give it their all and cross the finish line looking spent, but with a big grin!

email for more info

Elsewhere and incoming..........

We have a couple of new plans that should come to fruition shortly including our first ever women's only camp and a little foray into Northern France for the Grand Depart.

Speaking of the latter, we have had a recent cancellation for a London to Paris cycle in late June, so if you might be interested then please do let us know.

Next week we depart for the Costa Blanca, quickly followed by a double Majorca trip before our attention turns to a very French month of June.


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