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The Magic of Murcia

After spending a week in Aguilas, Murcia, we have absolutely no idea why more Cyclists and Triathletes do not visit this outdoor playground - it is incredible!!

It is no secret that we really enjoy working with cycling clubs to plan and deliver club trips. There is also something both exciting and anxiety inducing about visiting a new destination with a group, but wow did this region deliver!

Firstly, the accommodation was excellent - the Puerto Juan Montiel Hotel has all you might need for club holiday or training ride. It is on the beach front, within walking distance of local amenities and has the most fantastic bike garage and gym.

As nice as the hotel is, it is the cycling that makes this area special. Firstly, then really is very little traffic, it was not rare to cycle up a 30 minute climb and not see a single car.

Secondly, the varied terrain meant that there is something for everyone. For the most sporty and adventurous there is the 116 mile loop to Collado Bermejo - as 21km climb with epic views and rich cycling history. More locally, there are great climbs between 4 and 8km long within 60km - 100km loops of the hotel, meaning you can quickly rack up some good climbing metres without being out all day.

Finally, the coastal road between Aguilas and Villaricos is an outstanding bike ride - rolling hills flanked by crystal blue waters on one side and rocky cliffs and abandoned mineral mines on the other - no prose that I write will do it justice.

Moving forward we really hope to be able to bring more cycling and Triathlon groups to the area. The potential as a training venue is immense and the cycling is on par with the Costa Blanca, but less traffic and significantly better than Majorca (IMO). Lastly, the cost of local food and beverages is far less than traditional tourist hotspots which means you can have a great time on a relatively low budget.

We would love to hear from groups that might be interested!



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