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2021 - Lets dream big and have fun

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous,

when hope hardly seems worth having.

Just mount a bicycle and go for out for a spin down the road,

without thought on anything, but the ride you are taking.”

Like so many across the globe, we are very excited about the dawning of a New Year. The clean slate that January 1st brings seems more motivating and refreshing than ever after the dogs dinner that was 2020.

However, in this addition of our journal, I don't want to sprout the cliches which have featured all over social media in the past days. We will continue with a Stoic attitude to the woes of the world underpinned by relentless optimism and excitement about all things adventure.

Very simply at Sporta Bike+ we want to be ‘facilitators of fun’. We want to provide opportunities for all cyclists, walkers, runners, swimmers and endorphin hunters. Whether you are a professional cyclist/triathlete or someone who has rekindled their love for the bicycle through lockdown - we want to provide tours and experiences for all.

Our challenge is to provide experiences - for professional athletes through to novice adventurers - with integrity and authenticity. We love riding our bikes, being outdoors and trying cool stuff whilst meeting new people and forging new relationships.

We believe that our combined experiences within the tour industry, education and professional sport, in addition to our obsession with riding bikes (all types) and being active will mean that 2021 and the growth of Sporta Bike + will be a great adventure.

If we had to be pinned down and provide an overarching aim for this year - it would be to provide more people with the opportunity to enjoy the sport(s) they love, whilst discovering new places and meeting new people. If we get this right it will provide us all with the opportunity to inspire others and get more people active - benefitting mentally and physically from the joy of living adventurously.

So 2021 - Lets dream big, lets have fun!

Our first fixed date trips are already being advertised and there will be another to follow.

However, our expertise also lie in bespoke trips and designing your adventures with you, at a competitive price point, from plane to pedal.


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