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2023 - optimism and new destinations abound

We are never quite sure what to make of new years resolutions - whether to make them or not, whether to share them or not? However, we do get excited about a new calendar year and it does feel like a moment to sharpen our focus and re connect with what we consider important.

Rather than a set of new years resolutions we came up with a super simple to do list. This serves as both an inspiration and reminder of all that is important to us - to have fun riding our bikes and doing a job that we love. We hope that this ethos is apparent in everything we do from our social media presence through to the experience on our trips.

Riding in the UK in January

Wow riding in the UK is tough! The weather has been super wet, the roads are ridden with potholes and whilst the off roading is fun - it can be like riding in a swamp! There is no doubt that those cyclists who brave the elements have our admiration, as do those who churn out the kms on Zwift. Whilst many swear by turbo training and online training platforms, we just don't seem to have the discipline or boredom threshold to use it effectively. Maybe we have become soft having had the opportunity to travel with our bikes and ride some of the continents best roads!

What is ahead for us in 2023

We are really pleased with how the first half of 2023 is shaping up, we have a great balance of new and returning groups as well as our own trips. Over the next few weeks e will be using this blog to give a bit more detail on the locations we favour and why.

Most excitingly we are looking at introducing two new locations this calendar year. Firstly, Tuscany is a location which we have visited as art and culture tourists and are super excited to be introducing as an option for road and gravel cycling. We are working with a couple of exciting partners on these trips and hope to be able to release more information soon.

We will also be putting some information out about a very exciting second location and the cycling country of the moment - Slovenia! Within the next 6 weeks, we will be looking for a group to travel with us on a discounted trip to Slovenia to help us create the template for future trips to this beautiful country!

If you would like to receive more information on what we are planning for these two destinations then please get in touch with


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