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'Balls to Bikes'

The freedom that you get when riding a bicycle is a timeless joy. Whilst we may have taken a circuitous route to the formation of Bike+, it is the simple pleasure of riding a bike and appetite for adventure that has brought us together.

Rather bizarrely the three of us all have a sporting background in Cricket, in playing, coaching, supporting and working. This love of bat and ball has not diminished even though our skill level may have.

The first incarnation of the Sporta Group had Cricket at its heart as Matthew and Roger launched a business taking school cricket tours to the UAE - at the time a fledgling sporting destination. It was on one of these initial trips whilst working at Whitgift School that Sam met Matthew.

12 years on the Sporta Group now takes tours all over the world - schools, clubs and professional organisations benefit from Matthew and Roger’s experience, knowledge and attention to detail. The Sporta Group now also includes a highly successful media operation and a technology arm. The breadth of expertise and the reputation for excellence has allowed Matthew and Roger to not only support their current business, but seek opportunities for further growth. This is quite a remarkable achievement!

In his 13th year as a teacher and now a Director of Sport at Reigate GS, the bicycle has been the primary mode of transport for Sam for the past 15 years. However, Sam’s love for cycling really flourished as his cricket dream seeped away. A number of triathlons and bike races later the idea of Bike + was born.

Sporta Bike +, was born from a speculative email asking for tips on setting up a tour business and has quickly become an exciting Cycling and adventure company. A few meetings, WhatsApp messages, zoom calls later we are ready to launch. The experiences gained across multiple sports and in numerous settings including professional sport, business and education have allowed us to form a strategy that brings to life the idea that cycling and adventure can be shared by everyone.

We cannot wait to welcome our first guests and share the adventure with you.


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