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Booking a cycling holiday - where to begin?

Cycling Holidays in 2022 - international travel has been in news so much, it is easy to be confused about where we can go, what the protocols are and will my money be wasted?

Where to start? As January draws to a close and the news regarding the pandemic becomes increasingly positive in the UK and abroad, now seems like as good a time as ever to think about booking cycling holidays.

One of the challenges is knowing where to start. Well there a few questions we like to ask when we are approached regarding cycling holidays or training camps. We have kept it brief, but we hope it will give groups and individual travellers a bit of a guide on planning this years cycling holiday.

Planning a cycling holiday - Eight key questions!

1. When do you want to go?

Are you after winter sunshine or late summer warmth? Far from the madding crowd or do you like a little hustle and bustle?

2. Where do you want to go?

Are the mountains calling you or would you prefer bike, beach and tapas? Where you go is slightly dependent on when you want to go and we are here to advise on the best place to travel at different times of year.

3. How many have you travelling?

This helps us establish best accommodation options for your cycling holiday and what transport is required for transfers as well as booking discounts.

4. What are the aims of the trip?

Is it a cycling holiday where the + is the social interactions and life memories. Or is it a training camp where the + is the physiological benefits? or maybe you would like to combine some cycling with watching a pro event or taking part in an internationally renowned sportive?

5. What is your budget?

We can help plan a trip that fits the requirements of the group and always try to give a fair price and one or two free places for larger groups.

6. How do you want to travel?

Whilst many cycling holidays still require flights to ensure maximum time in destination, we recognise that many people are curious about non flight options as they look for more sustainable holidays - this is one of the many reasons why we love France and Belgium as so much is within driving distance.

7. What are the local covid regulations?

We recommend that all travellers are fully vaccinated before departing on their cycling holiday. Furthermore, we can advice on local covid regulations and take you through what will be needed at the airport and when out and about in resort.

8. What financial protection comes with my booking?

As a division of the Sporta Group we are able to package the whole cycling holiday and provide financial security through ATOL and ABTA. Furthermore, our covid promise says that should any individual be legally unable to travel due to covid-19 we will give them a full refund.

Whilst we love booking trips, planning them and travelling with client groups, above all we are here to make your life as easy as we can every step of the way!!

Please get in touch if you have any questions on next steps. We are taking bookings up to and including Summer ‘23

Happy Riding!



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