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Go where you feel most alive.

by Sam Woodward, MD of Sporta Bike +

For most of us cycling fits in around our lives and whilst we love it, it cannot and probably should not be the single most important component of our life.. It provides us with a sense of purpose, helps maintain our physical health and also supports our mental well being.

Finding balance amidst the maelstrom of modern living is very difficult, but I believe that physical activity and adventure can really help us in finding the peace and balance many of us crave.

I would not be so bold as to speak for anyone other than myself. I have a propensity for manic behaviours and have had therapy and take medication for anxiety related challenges. Talking about what we are feeling and sharing our challenges is both important and liberating. However, I find that riding my bike, being outdoors and active with my family is the best therapy of all.

The journey to the point I find myself at now has been littered with success and failures - both of these are natural and important to our development. However, it was not until I visited Lake Annecy with my family, that I began to find perspective and peace. This isn't a sales pitch, but rather a reflection on a 'green light' moment. When lakeside, surrounded by those I love, with a backdrop of the mountains - I found a head space i hadn't found in a long time. We were outdoors, being active, laughing and having fun.

The lake and the mountains dwarfed us with their majesty and power, but we were all present and having fun.

Three years on, I still take medication and use lessons from my therapist daily and I have changed career - trading perceived security for real happiness, my belief in the power of surrounding yourself with those you love, indulging your passion and pursuing a state where you are happy and balanced is unwavering. For me, my family is number 1, but riding my bike in the mountains is my happy place for my inner Peter Pan.

So to conclude, go where you feel most alive, where you smile, laugh and make great memories. And if that is on a trip with us, we are genuinely privileged to be a part of that journey with you.

Happy riding,


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