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October - where did you go?

October has proven to be a busy month for us at Bike +, we have been lucky to ride our bike's in a variety of locations, and also had an opportunity to travel with Netball, Rugby and Football teams, all of which gives us great new ideas for what we offer and how we deliver it.


We started the month with a quick recon trip to Majorca. Sure - this was also a chance to indulge ourselves with some great cycling, but we also had some really productive meetings with local experts.

Off the back of these few days, we feel that we are ready for 2023 in Majorca and recognise that we are very lucky to be able to work with local people who share our values and desire to ensure that all cyclo-tourists have a lot of fun whilst on the island.


Dubai is a curious place, we love it, but recognise that as a destination it divides opinion. As part of the Sporta Group we also get involved in the planning and delivery of Sports Tours to the UAE. The facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are simply extraordinary. It does not matter whether you are playing a school team or travelling with an international Cricket team - the practice and playing facilities that the groups experience are of the very highest standard and like nothing we experience elsewhere in the world.

This October, we were hosting Netball, Rugby, Football and Cricket groups in Dubai. It was a great experience and one we look forward to repeating in February and/or April.

As well as hosting these teams, we also took the opportunity to ride our bikes whenever we could. Cycling in Dubai is......unique. They have invested an awful lot of time and money into the Al Qudra cycle track which is very popular with local riders. There is also an excellent cycling facility near Meydan and on certain nights of the week you can ride on the F1 track in Abu Dhabi and at the Dubai autodrome.

Let us be candid, it does not compare to the majesty of the Alps or the scenery we associate with cycling in Europes cycling hotspots. However, the quality of the surface, the local cycling community and the spectacular dunes and strolling camels - make this an enjoyable riding experience. Just do not make our mistake of riding on a 6 lane highway in the Fog...........poor route planning and anxiety inducing!!!

We are of the opinion that the UAE could be a great place for a cycling holiday, the cycling experience is unique and the off bike opportunities are varied. Should this be of interest please get in touch as we are well connected in the region and have access to amazing hotels at excellent prices.


At the time of writing, we are sitting in a beautiful cottage on the outskirts of Thirsk, staring out at the Yorkshire countryside whilst the wind and rain lash across 'gods country'.

It could not be more different from last week in the desert. Yorkshire is green, rich in history and a hugely reqarding county in which to cycle. There is no doubt we would like to return to this county with groups from abroad or the South of England and we are planning how to deliver these and price them in a sensible and alluring way!!

From just a week cycling here, we have been left in no doubt why so many amazing cyclists and sports people are proud to represent the white rose.



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