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Pedalling Away: Training Escapes unpicked

At this time of year many cyclists are planning their 2024 cycling calendar - this can help give direction to winter cycling (indoors or outdoors) and act as motivation when the warm and comfy sofa is looking so alluring and seasonal excesses can induce lethargy (read a hangover).

In this article we have a look into the curiosities of the cycling training camp or as we prefer to call them training escape. This is not an advert

as if you are reading this you are probably already interested in getting in some early season kilometres.

Why go on a training escape?

The northern European winter is long, daylight hours are few, the roads often grim and slippery and weather -unpredictable and cold. Such conditions are not conducive to longer bike rides, and by the time February and March come around the excitement of virtual cycling is long gone.

A training escape to the sunnier climates of southern Europe removes many of the barriers listed above. Generally the weather is much better allowing for fewer clothing challenges, the roads are quiet and smooth and the terrain has a mixture of challenge from mountains to coastal to roads. This removal of perceived and real barriers to cycling allows for a much more enjoyable experience on and off the bike.

The physiological benefits of a training escape are numerous, including increased oxygen delivery to working muscles from increased saddle time and interval training can facilitate anaerobic adaptations allowing for a greater capacity to perform at a higher intensity.

Where to go on a training escape?

If your budget was bottomless and time not an issue, we would suggest two training escapes - one to the Costa Blanca to accrue miles in the legs and develop 'base fitness' and then a second camp at altitude to fuel red blood cell production - we would choose Colombia as it looks amazing and a lot of the country is at higher altitude.

However, back in the real world we would opt for a Spring camp on the Costa Blanca or Murcia. Both are blessed with a good climate and extensive network of roads and routes which means you can do flat, rolling or mountainous rides with 20k. of your coastal base.

No Majorca? For We love Majorca, but we would not head there until later in March as the weather is more unpredictable and the roads on the northern facing slopes of the Tramuntana can be slippery and exposed to the worst of the weather through the winter.

If we were to be bold and specific we would suggest the region between Calpe and Oliva on the Northern Costa Blanca. We favour Denia as the roads in land are slightly quieter than from Calpe, but ultimately all roads lead to some fantastic cycling in and around the Jalon valley. It is widely used by the pro peloton during the winter months and we head out regularly from February through too May. And the though of hitting those roads is keeping us spinning our pins through the winter months.

Training Escapes - Are they for me?

Fundamentally, they are for everyone! They involve riding your bike in a beautiful space - you can ride as little or as much as you want and as fast or as slow as you want.

For those that are seeking performance gains, it is likely training escapes will be structured when on the bike and disciplined off the bike. In our experience most training escapes are slightly more relaxed than that - we some efforts on the bike which are often dictated by terrain. Whilst off the bike many (including us) also enjoy the hotel restaurant and a drink or two to decompress. After all, most of us are not professional athletes and a training escape is as much about improving our cycling and decompressing from the stresses of everyday life. And some, just love an early season cycling holiday - and then we can just go with the flow.

If you would like to try more structured training within a training camp we can help design a 4 or 5 day block that will assist you on your way to your cycling goals. Our focus will always be on fun, but we can combine that with some specific efforts to help you get 2024 off to a flyer.

For more information on individual and group training camps please get in touch with the website or email


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