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Ride away the Lockdown blues!

Lockdown blues - they are real. This lockdown seems to have been felt a little more by so many in our community. Whilst there is no doubt it was needed and too many of us have had loved ones affected or worse by Covid, the feeling of freedom lost and spontaneity removed are felt by all.

Though it is not all bad……….The road cycling season is beginning to get going and the classics aren’t far away. The Cyclocross season has been fun to watch and the new GCN subscription channel looks epic! An increase in family time has also been great and hopefully the realignment of priorities is here to stay - getting outside, looking after our health and spending time with those we love has never been more important.

However, for those of you, who like us still have the odd moment where the grey clouds seem thicker or the black dog gets bigger, we would like to help.

Now, we don’t have a cure for lockdown blues, but there are a couple of things that make us feel a little more sky blue than navy. Firstly - riding our bikes is a sure fire way to free the mind of any lingering worries and bring us back to enjoying the present. Whether it is some muddy cross bike fun, e-bike pootle or road bike thrash, the humble bicycle is always there when we need it. At Sporta Bike + we are also regular visitors to Watopia or other virtual worlds on Zwift. Whilst we would stop short of saying we love it, its benefits are obvious and it serves as a time efficient and safe way of getting us summer ready!!

It may not surprise you that our second lockdown blues medicine is engaging with and celebrating our wanderlust!! We are brimming with tour ideas and have engaged with some wonderful people throughout the UK, Europe and beyond to ensure that when restrictions are eased we can get travelling and create memories with you. Personally, I really hope we can get to Annecy in late August and Como in October to kick off our fixed date adventures. We also have a MTB trip to Moab lined up which looks unreal. Closer to home we have exciting long weekends planned to both the Jurassic coast and North Devon where we hope to provide fun on land and water.

I will stop myself there or I risk this becoming a sales pitch or personal wanderlust therapy session. However, rest assured that we are doing all we can to plan for a return to travel and would love to help cure lockdown blues, so feel free to get in touch with a no obligations chat about future tours or just a chat about cycling opportunities home and abroad. Chatting bikes and travel is our tonic!!


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