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Why travel in September and October?

Traditionally the cycling calendar follows a fairly well trodden script when it comes to travel. This blog aims to unpick that and explore why September and October may just be a wonderful time to travel.

'We are all simply riding because we love it'

And yes, of course we are writing this article because we have a vested interest in people travelling all year round, but we do see a lot of plus points to 'end of season/summer' travel and here is why........

The weather is often very good in September and the first half of October across much of Europe. Sure you may get the odd wet day, but you avoid the excessive heat which makes cycling incredibly challenging and day time temperatures tend to linger in the mid twenties.

Many of the high mountains are still open which means most popular European cycling locations are open and accessible, but much quieter than spring and summer. Of the destinations that we travel to we cannot think of any that are out of bounds in September and much of October - you may just need a gilet or warmer clothing for descending off the mountains.

For those who like a swim to begin or end the day, sea and pool temperatures are still warm after a hot summer, but many of the tourists are long gone meaning that relaxing is that bit easier post ride.

As we just previously alluded to, the madding crowds have long since departed, however resorts are still open and the holiday 'buzz' remains which is often not the case in the Spring has many tourist destinations are just awakening from their winter slumber.

One of the most important factors when booking any trip is the cost - we find that flight prices and hotel rates are kind to us in the Autumn as suppliers are keen to keep guests flowing through their doors, but the number of travellers wanting to book is fewer.

Whilst we understand that people like to travel in the Spring to 'prepare' for the summer. The truth is that most of us are not professionals and whilst we may have goals that are important to us, cycling is a great way to stay healthy in body and mind - and quite simply something we love doing! Autumn trips tend to have a more relaxed feel as cyclists are really happy to enjoy cycling in a novel place and eek out the remaining warmth whilst chilling out with friends. There is rarely ever any talk of 'efforts' or 'training' - we are all simply riding because we love it


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