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Why we ride our bikes.

The winter months have magical moments. At Bike+ we love watching cyclocross racing and recently enjoyed the UCI Track champions league at Lee Valley, we also love spending more time with our friends and families before travelling starts up again.

However, as a cyclist - the winter months can be miserable. Do you stay in and get your head down on the turbo trainer, or get those layers on and get outside - or do you opt for a combination of the two?

Whatever you choose, we believe it is important that you are enjoying it. 'It' may be the ride itself, the endorphins when you get to your destination or the process of getting fitter on the turbo.

For us, nothing beats riding outside - in fact we love being outside so much that we would probably rather go for a run than sit on the turbo - no matter how 'immersive' the online platform - it just ain't the same.

If you are like us and love riding outside and sometimes struggle for winter motivation then we may have some ideas for you. Nothing keeps us motivated like the thought of riding with other in new places and we have a few ideas up our sleeve for the Spring......

February - 18th to 25 - Majorca Endurance Camp - £849pp

March - 8th - 12th - Denia Training Camp - £699pp

March 29th - April 2nd - Tour of Flanders Weekend - £449pp

April 27th - April 30th - Majorca 312 weekend (incl event entry) - £749pp

All these prices include flights except for Flanders which includes Eurotunnel travel.

For group trips we have a host of options for 2023 and check out our destinations page for more information!

Get in touch for more info!


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